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Just one year ago the thought of having to hug loved ones through a 'tent' or even wearing a facemask everywhere we went would have been laughable. But in the past twelve months, things have changed drastically and that is just part of what is becoming the new normal. While many people don't enjoy having to wear masks and make sure they are distancing themselves from loved ones, the older population staying in nursing homes probably have it the worst.

Many of these residents haven't been able to spend quality time with family for a long time. Obviously, this is due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it's so frustrating and has to be a big challenge for all those that are having to go through it.

Just recently KMOV, did a story on now 'hug tents' are still being used at Colorado elderly facilities so their patients can have some sort of small comfort from loved ones without the worry of passing along the virus. And the seniors were so appreciative of the efforts to make the tent happen.

What got me thinking about this was the story last week with a 95-year-old man shooting and killing a staff member at his senior care facility due to a disagreement over money.

While I understand people are worried about stimulus checks and trying to better their own situation but soon I think we need to put more thought into how we can better care for our loved ones that are wanting more interaction with the outside world and just to be able to hug their loved ones.

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