From the mountains to the prairies, we know the best places to go to eat or do things or see things, but what do we know about the state?

USNews ranked all the states by a number of factors, things I did not know before that I am going to share with you. Colorado came in ranked ninth of fifty, which isn't bad. Let's see why.

First, the overall rankings come from a variety of factors. They are broken down by government, economy, health care, opportunity, infrastructure, crime, and education.

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According to the report, Colorado ranks 18th in education. Several factors went into that ranking, including graduation rate, test scores, and college readiness.

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Colorado ranked 11th nationally in overall health care. Health care access and public health were factored into the ranking, with Colorado being the least obese state in the nation contributing to that ranking as well as the quality of healthcare.

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Colorado achieved a national ranking of 26 in this portion. Crime rates, overall institutional reviews, and juvenile crime were some of the factors used in this ranking.

Overall, how well does the state look? Bridges?Roads? These things enter into the equation to determine how well our infrastructure is holding up and according to the report, quite well. Colorado's infrastructure ranks as number seven overall.


According to the report, no state has a better economy than Colorado. With growth, employment and business environment all ranking in the top five nationally, it's no wonder Colorado ranks so highly.

Check out the report yourself, and see why Colorado is considered the ninth best state in the US.

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