While things are not even close to being back to normal like they were last year prior to the pandemic smacking us around. But it has been nice to seen new business openings in our area recently. But don't think that all this pandemic craziness is behind us just yet. We can't even all agree on wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, and this debate is starting to affect businesses such as restaurants as seen in the picture above.

I saw this picture posted online by a friend that stopped into a cafe for breakfast over the weekend. And as she was handed a menu she noticed a new sign that was placed on the table. Which read, "Please turn the card to the GREEN side if your server does not need to wear a mask when approaching your table during your meal".

Do You Want These Signs in Grand Junction Restaurants?

Would you like to see these table signs at restaurants on the Western Slope? I applaud the restaurant management team and employees for trying to make everyone happy, but as we all know that is impossible. I'm not sure if this would help make customers feel more comfortable or if this would just bring more hostility into these restaurants.

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Problems I See With These Table Signs

First, you should expect to see signs like this that are written all over or vandalized in some sort. Also, if you have customers close to each other and one wants the server to have a mask on and one that doesn't that could create an issue. Let's hope that people can act like adults and not fight, but this pandemic is making people do unusual things.

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