Life in 2020 is nothing like we expected. Most things that have taken place this year have been completely out of our control, but this is a great life lesson reminding us it's how you react to difficult situations that truly defines us. And as much as things have changed over the past few months, there are some things that are still the same.

International Student Exchange is seeking volunteer host families for students set to arrive in August for the upcoming school year. District 51 Schools are still accepting exchange students until the end of the day today (Monday, June 1st). There are currently openings in all schools except for Central High School.

Now is the time to pick your new son or daughter from another country so that you can begin building a relationship and bond with them. There are students from many countries with a variety of interests to be a great match for any type of family including single people, empty nesters, families with small children, families with high school students, and same-sex couples. If you have a loving home and are wanting to add a new family member this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

As mentioned above, you need to contact the International Student Exchange Coordinator (Michele Blunt) NOW if you want more information or to start the approval process. You can call Michele at 970-708-8664 or email her at

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