There are plenty of ways for drivers to wind up with a vehicle-related violation in the state of Colorado. Not having a valid driver's license, providing outdated registration, and improperly hung plates are just a few examples that could result in hefty fines or penalties beyond that.

Not obeying the speed limit is another traffic infraction that many drivers are guilty of. Despite dozens of posted signs along roadways throughout the state, people behind the wheel tend to travel faster than the legal limit.

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Before getting a driver's license, I had always heard that it was okay to drive 7 miles faster than the respective speed limit. Other people out there believe that driving 10 miles over the limit is an unofficial and acceptable rule of the road.

But is driving 10 miles per hour over the limit actually acceptable in Colorado?

The simple answer is no.

A police office on the side of the road as he writes a ticket.
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In fact, even going just 1 mile per hour over the speed limit could technically result in a ticket.

Under Colorado law, a violation of driving 1 to 24 mph over the posted speed limit is a Class A traffic infraction. If a driver is pulled over for going 1 to 4 mph over the reasonable or maximum lawful speed, the fine is $30 plus a $6 surcharge. For someone caught going 5 to 9 mph over the limit, a $70 fine plus a $10 surcharge is handed out. The fine for a driver traveling 10 to 19 mph over the maximum limit in Colorado is $135 with a $16 surcharge.

Speeding tickets also result in points getting tacked onto your license. If you accumulate too many points, your license could be suspended. Points also raise car insurance rates.

If hazardous conditions exist on a roadway, Colorado drivers must slow to a reasonable speed, even though this may require driving below the posted limit. CDOT provides a breakdown of the state speed limits.

While police officers can't pull over every lead foot on the road, it's best to obey the posted speed limit to avoid getting a ticket and keep everyone on the streets safe.

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