Two wildfires currently burning in Colorado have firefighters doing all they can to try and suppress them.

The 416 fire in Southwest Colorado had burned over 17,000 acres as of Sunday, and the Burro fire has resulted in several areas in the San Juan National Forest being closed.

In addition to the fires, and the damage it is causing, the smoke from those fires has also made the air quality poor. Large parts of the "Four Corners" area are under red flag warnings due to extreme danger of fire, as the dry conditions make it ripe for fire, and the windy conditions are making it difficult to not only fight the fire, but get ahead of it to try and get it contained.

Thus far over 2,000 homes have been evacuated, but no homes have been damaged as yet, however, the fires have come up to within 100 yards of several structures.

You can view the map, put up by the State of Colorado, showing the fire areas in the state. This is updated daily.

You can help prevent further outbreaks by not throwing burning items like cigars or cigarettes on the ground or out of moving vehicles, and obeying the burning ban.

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