This Colorado neighborhood has decided to use a natural weed control, goats. A neighborhood in Colorado is using hundreds of goats to get rid of their weeds.

Whenever this Colorado woman, Sonia Benglen, moved into a neighborhood in Parker, Colorado she loved how wildlife was right outside of her door. She lives on a big field that has birds, bugs, deer, and more. But whenever she saw someone in a hazmat suit spraying blue chemicals, she knew she had to do something.

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She convived her HOA to try something different instead of the chemical weed killer, according to 9News. Sonia was searching for a way to control the weeds naturally, which is when she came across goats.

Now her neighborhood has hundreds of goats that are in charge of getting rid of the weeds. We think goats are way cuter than weed killer and lawnmowers combined. According to 9News, 800 goats will be in this Colorado neighborhood for the next 10 days doing what they do best - chomping and munching.

Lani Malmberg and Donny Benz are in charge of all of these goats (which you can see a picture of here) and say they started their business as an alternative to using chemicals and machinery, according to 9News.

Sonia Benglen is a retired microbiologist and hopes that having the goats take care of the weeds will keep the ecosystem alive and well. Sonia also stated that she's the one who decided to live in a field and poisoning it is not in the cards.

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