Being ready for winter means more than just getting new snow tires.

Leaving a little earlier, driving a little slower and being prepared for anything that comes your way is also ways of being prepared.

But whether we are ready or not, it's coming. Take a look at this video.

If you have to drive across the state, that's what you can start to expect, from the Eisenhower Tunnel to Denver and beyond.

With more and more forecasts calling for snow and colder temperatures, we all need to prepare for the eventual turn to winter. In Colorado Springs, they are looking at up to 5 inches of fresh powder on the streets, and Denver is looking at snow tonight and into tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Western Slope gets a little reprieve from the snow being forecasted around Colorado but we still know it won't be long until we are knee deep in snow ourselves.

Make sure you have everything you may need in the event of a road closure or breakdown. Flashlight with batteries, blankets, cell phone charger, food, and water. Don't get caught unprepared this winter.

Oh, and make sure you get snow tires.

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