Josh Levy is currently an Entrepreneurship major and Biomedical student at Colorado Mesa University. He's another Maverick with a master plan, aka he's also come with an invention like Austin Gonsalves.

Josh's invention began while he was playing rugby in Seattle for the Seattle Saracens, he wasn't used to running so much and got the worst shin splints. His shin splints eventually started becoming scar tissue and this is when he knew he wanted to introduce a solution.

He says the whole methodology of how people treat shin splints is wrong. He says you have to use a tool to stop shin splints from happening so he made the Shin-Bar.

Josh says this is not a new invention, it's a new utility. He says the one that was created was over $300 and the one he's invented is only $30. People don't know that you can treat shin splints on your own and with the Shin-Bar, you can.

The Shin-Bar helps break up scar tissue and dilates blood vessels and is part of long term solution. If you wait to get get to the point where you've built up scar tissue and need to see a doctor, you've waited too long. You could do the same treatment your doctor is doing, but for less money and a lot less painful.

Josh will be graduating in Spring of 2020. His plans are to devote himself completely into his Shin-Bar business. Josh's company will include more than the Shin-Bar, he also plans on launching things like muscle butter, the shin blade, and the muscle bar.

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