Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue helped Aurora, Colorado build their first rec center in 40 years.

Central Recreation Center sounds like it's quite a sight to see. Beautiful facility. Amazing swimming pools, exercise studios, the best of the best with this $30 million setup.

This 55,000 square feet rec center is top-notch.

According to FOX31 visitors have expressed great excitement already. Central Recreation Center has been in the making for decades.

Erin O'Neill who is with the city of Aurora explained that when marijuana became legal, they had tax revenue.

Aurora was told by the city council that they could use the tax revenue for a one-time use fund and a one-time use projects.

Well, they sure used their funds wisely. A project the city has been looking forward to for decades.

In my opinion, Grand Junction is missing out on funds that could help our community.

I don't think I've ever heard someone that smokes pot from Grand Junction say, "okay, I'm not going to use marijuana because we can't buy it here."

What a joke ... LOL ... Users from Grand Junction are helping other communities thrive. Seems silly.

I feel Grand Junction should embrace the phrase, "if you can't beat 'em, join them."

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