It has been over a decade since Colorado first legalized marijuana for recreational use and, as many expected, the state legislature is consistently introducing new bills and policies to regulate the plant.

That being said, it should come as no surprise that with a new year, comes new potential legislation regarding cannabis in Colorado. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but on the heels of the first legislative session wrapping up earlier this month, we have an idea of what could be on the horizon for the rest of the year.

Colorado May Further Regulate Marijuana Potency in 2023

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Following the passing of a bill that reduced the amount of THC concentrate that a Coloradan can legally purchase, it's possible that new legislation will be introduced to increase the amount per day that can be legally purchased, as well as legislation to be reintroduced to limit all products to up to 35% THC.

On similar lines, Colorado lawmakers are expected to address an ongoing trend of hemp and CBD producers selling products online that contain hybrid forms of THC through a loophole. Despite being sold as non-THC forms of hemp, these new forms of THC are present, and local, regulated dispensaries claim to be losing revenue because of it.

Low Marijuana Revenue in Colorado may See New Assistance

It has also been speculated that new bills could be introduced in 2023 to combat the ongoing decrease in revenue that Colorado has seen over the past few years and help out those struggling in the industry.

In addition, it has also been speculated that entrepreneurs in the industry will see the benefit of another new bill that will allow marijuana delivery service without being tied to a dispensary, a regulation that has negatively impacted some license holders' revenue recently.

Colorado May See Changes in the Way Cannabis is Purchased

Another issue that will possibly be addressed in 2023 involves the means by which marijuana products are purchased. Back in 2021, a bill was introduced into the Colorado legislature to allow customers to pay online for their products, but it did not pass. However, it's being speculated that lawmakers will try again this year.

Colorado May Change the Way Medical Marijuana Patients are Seen

Finally, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical marijuana patients were temporarily allowed to conduct appointments with their providers via telemedicine. This privilege was taken away in 2021, but many speculate that Colorado lawmakers will try to reinstate it on a more permanent basis in 2023.


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