This is the weirdest news you'll hear today. Colorado is weirdly obsessed with vinegar.

Researchers at the University of Arizona analyzed more than 3 million tweets on Twitter to determine what  food each state is obsessed with. For what it's worth, here's the state by state break down on the

It is not surprising that in the southeast, several states are just wild about grits. But, how do you explain Nevada's obsession with sauerkraut, or the Kansas preoccupation with prunes. Oklahoma loves pickles, New Mexico is wild about mutton, and Arizona is obsessed with tamales.

In Colorado, the #1 food obsession is vinegar according to the study. I'm not getting this one at all, but I do admit that vinegar seems to possess a lot of benefits and uses around the house. But, really? This is what people are talking about on twitter??

When it comes to obsession In Western Colorado wine has to at least be a close second, considering how much I hear people talk about it. Come to think of it, I don't even remember the last time-- or any time -I heard someone talking about vinegar. Remember, this came from social media, where you can only believe half of what you read, and the other half is questionable.



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