The railroad industry played a large part in shaping Colorado's history throughout the years and continues to impact residents' lives today. Whether you're stuck waiting for a train to pass in downtown Fort Collins, or enjoying a scenic excursion as a passenger on a ride through the Royal Gorge, each track in the Centennial State has a unique story to it.

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If your loco for locomotives, there are still a handful of historic railroad sites that remain intact throughout Colorado. While you can't go inside all of these places, they offer a good glimpse back into the golden age of railroad travel just from viewing from afar.

If you're feeling adventurous, there are even more railroad-related properties around the state that are worth checking out.

Historic Railroad Sites in Colorado

These former railroad structures are still standing in various parts of Colorado.

5 Hikes that are Perfect for Colorado History Buffs

These five hikes are perfect for anyone interested in Colorado history. Although they are all different, the trails all lead to a piece of the Centennial State's past.

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