A Colorado health official has caused quite a stir by recommending a ban on marijuana edibles.According to 9 News, Jeff Lawrence of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment wants to ban most forms of edible marijuana including brownies, cookies, and most candies. The exception would be lozenges and liquid drops.

The recommendation is one of several being considered by a 22-member panel which is meeting to develop new regulations for marijuana.

Obviously, the people who are in the business of creating edible marijuana products are unhappy about the idea because it could cost them millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Parents, I think would be happy about such a ban, which could help alleviate fears of children accidentally ingesting edible marijuana products. Earlier this year, state lawmakers were directed to develop new rules about edibles after there was a spike in children hospitalizations due to accidental consumption of pot-laced products.

It's one of many issues that has come to light since the legalization of recreational pot in Colorado. Lawmakers are being forced to deal with issues that weren't a problem prior to the legalization of marijuana. Now, they are operating on the fly to try to cope with a number of problems pertaining to the legalized drug.

The Pandora's Box that Colorado voters opened up when they legalized pot is certainly causing more issues and concerns than it is solving. The battle to properly and efficiently regulate marijuana use will never end. And the discussion pertaining to marijuana edibles won't end, regardless of what recommendations are made going forward.

A ban on edible pot might be a step in the right direction as a safeguard for our children, but there is no indication that  state lawmakers have any plans to try and return the state to it's pre-pot days. There's just too many tax dollars at stake from the sale of both recreational and medical marijuana for lawmakers to step back now.