A huge home that is only 30 years old was once owned by a Saudi prince and is bigger than the White House.

If you've ever wondered how big the biggest house in Colorado is, the gang at Angi (formerly Angie's List) has tracked that information down for you. It's definitely very big and very expensive, though it is not currently on the market.


John Paulson is one of Colorado's billionaires. He owns and manages his own hedge fund firm, Paulson Investment Company, which is worth approximately $9 billion. With that kind of money, it was easy for him to purchase Colorado's biggest home for $49 million back in 2012. He and the family had vacationed in Colorado for many years before he started buying property in the state in 2010.


Paulson bought the home from a Saudi Arabian prince, who had been the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The prince had the home/lodge built in 1991 and had at one time listed the home, along with the estate, for $135 million. It's hard to believe the price of real estate appears to have gone down in this instance.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan
Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Prince named the estate Hala Ranch, which remains today. You would have to suspect that the new owner, Paulson, is expecting lots of company, with 15 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. The rooms all have patios that look out into the central courtyard, where there is a fountain. Sounds like a wonderful "retreat" space.

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The lodge is known to have its own elevator, which can come in handy, with all the guests going up and down the stairs. The estate also has its own water treatment facility, gas pumps, and a car wash (you have to keep those expensive cars shiny, right?) If the guests are into cross-country skiing, no worries: There are many trails just for that on the property.


Angi lists Hala Ranch as the nation's 7th biggest home, coming in at 56,000 square feet. The White House is just under 55,000 square feet.


Hala Ranch is located in Starwood, which is a gated, private community within Aspen. That gate must be very big if just one of the homes is 56,000 square feet.

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A huge home that is only 30 years old was once owned by a Saudi prince and is bigger than the White House.

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