For better or worse, the gray wolves have come to Colorado and we get a look at the first pup born and collared in the state.

Gray Wolf Pup Tranquilized and Collared

The pup was fitted with a GPS collar in North Park, Colorado this week. The animal was darted with a tranquilizer from a helicopter, which allowed the collar to be fitted by the field staff on the ground. This is the first gray wolf born and collared in Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are trying to monitor the behavior of gray wolves, introduced in Colorado after a ballot measure was passed by Colorado voters in 2020. The GPS collar will allow biologists and wildlife managers to learn more about the behavior of wolves and their migrating patterns.

Gray Wolf Pup Is One of Six Born In North Park Area

The pup, collared this week and identified as 2202, is one of six pups produced in 2021, which means there are now eight wolves in the North Park area. The first two numbers in the name indicate the year the wolf was captured and the second number indicates the species. Males will have odd numbers, while females will have even.

CPW says the collars do provide valuable information, but the primary tools wildlife officers use are field observations of physical evidence like wolf prints and scat.

Reports of Personal Observations Are Welcome

Colorado wildlife officials are interested in any personal observations of wolves by the public to help them better understand wolf activity in the state. If you spot a gray wolf, you can report it on the wolf sighting form on the CPW website.

Parks and Wildlife officials remind us that gray wolves are a state endangered species and can not be taken for any reason except for self-defense. Killing a gray wolf could produce a fine of up to $100,000, a year of jail time, and a lifetime loss of hunting license privileges.

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