Coloradans are lucky to be able to coexist with so many amazing different species of wildlife on a regular basis. Some locals even have wildlife that stops by to visit right in their own backyards, including bears, bobcats, moose, and deer.

This week, a cattle rancher in Northern Colorado witnessed an incredible animal sighting at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. Fortunately, Willie Altenburg had his camera ready, when he observed a herd of over a thousand elk running across the snow-covered plains. What a beautiful and exciting thing to see!

While wild animals such as pronghorn and coyote are commonly spotted roaming around at this Larimer County location, the resident who captured the video claimed he has never seen anything like this before at this natural area, or anywhere in Colorado for that matter.

Soapstone Prairie Natural Area is currently closed through February and will reopen on March 1, 2022.

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