One Colorado city has elected a stunningly handsome new mayor who is making major headlines.

According to a report from Historic Littleton, Colorado, the city has voted on a new honorary mayor and he's actually a dog!

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Who Let the Dogs Out? | Historic Littleton, Colorado

You may be wondering why a town would want to elect someone's pet dog as an honorary mayor, but the real question is why not?

Don't worry, the town has not gone to the dogs... or has it?

In reality, the folks in Littleton wanted to bring attention to preserving the historical and architectural heritage of the city, and a dog mayor election seemed like the perfect way to do it!

Dog Mayor Election | Historic Littleton, Colorado

Believe it or not, Denver7 actually reports that the election brought in over 6,000 votes, approximately half of what the real mayoral election brought in.

However, the election period was a lot shorter for the doggy candidates. They have such full schedules of eating, sleeping, and chasing squirrels you know?

Historic Littleton Colorado's First Honorary Dog Mayor

After a short, but busy election season, Historic Littleton elected Murdoch, a 5-year-old Basset Hound who accumulated 2,495 votes!

Of course, the city also had to elect a Mayor Pro Tem, and that is none other than Netty, a French Bulldog who loves downtown Littleton and acquired 2,194 votes.

The popular pups will serve 2-year terms that will coincide with the city of Littleton's council elections.

Big Plans for the Future | Historic Littleton, Colorado

Any new Mayor needs an official ceremony for the important position, and these canines are no different.

There will be a formal "barking-in" ceremony held at the January 18, 2022 city council meeting.

The pups will also appear at events, tours, and council meet and greets!

Keep scrolling to see pictures of the other candidates from the election.

Historic Littleton's First Dog Mayoral Election

Take a look at all the canine candidates that ran for the position of honorary Mayor of Historic Littleton, Colorado.

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