To most it's just a mile marker, to stoners it's a culture icon.

The Colorado Department of Transportation made changes to mile marker 420 on I-70 just east of the small town of Stratton, Colo. due to theft from marijuana enthusiasts.

Amy Ford, communications director at CDOT told the Denver Post that the change to 419.99 was made within the past year after the signed disappeared multiple times.

420 is a marijuana culture "code" for time to light up. There are many different stories where 420 came from, but the most well know came from a group of high schoolers in San Rafael, California.

CDOT hopes the change to the mile marker will thwart off thieves from lifting the "high-way" sign.

Google Maps still displays the old 420 mile marker, which will probably be the last reminder of Colorado's infamous road sign.

Mile Marker 420
Google Maps

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