The Denver Zoo is proud to welcome the newest member of their elephant family, Duncan. Here's all we know about our Zoo's newest bachelor.

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Denver Zoo Gets A New Asian Elephant

When was the last time you went to the Denver Zoo? Being born and raised in Colorado, I've spent many days at Colorado's largest Zoo over the years. Since I was a kid, the Denver Zoo has grown and evolved so much. I feel like every time I go to the Zoo these days, there's something new to do, see, eat, experience. And they always seem to be working on something to enhance the experience for not just their visitors, but for their animals as well. Like the awesome Elephant Passage below, which was introduced in 2011.

2023 Denver Zoo Upgrades

Having been around for 125 years, and having more than 2 million guests each year, the Denver Zoo is constantly evolving, including their all-new "Down Under" habitat which is scheduled to open later this summer. The new habitat will be an Australian and New Zealand-themed experience that "will allow you to get up-close with many of the region’s diverse—and often extreme—species. At its core will be a walk-through wallaby area where you’ll be immersed in the animals’ habitat." Down Under is taking up the area of the zoo that "Bird World" used to occupy until it closed in 2019. Remember how bad that thing smelled? Awful. Anyway, while we wait for this awesome new attraction, the Zoo has introduced us to its newest family member.

Meet Asian Elephant, Duncan, At The Denver Zoo

As mentioned in the Zoo's post above, Duncan, who is a 9-year-old elephant, has joined the bachelor herd at the Denver Zoo. Weighing over 7,000 pounds, he was relocated from the Houston Zoo just last week. Duncan will be the youngest of the current herd which features 5 other elephants ranging from 13 to 53 years old. Duncan has already begun to settle into his new home at the "Toyota Elephant Passage," which is one of the cooler features that the Zoo has added in the last decade or so. If you haven't seen it, now you have an excuse for a zoo day because Duncan is waiting to meet you.

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