When it comes to home improvement and remodeling, many Coloradans are opting to postpone their projects.

A nationwide survey conducted by Hearth, found only 11% of Colorado homeowners are planning renovations sometime during the next year.

That puts the state 44th out of 50. In comparison, Hawaii and Kansas topped the list with both reporting between 32% and 33% of homeowners planning renovations.

The survey also questioned homeowners about their preferred way to pay for the projects. A credit card was the choice for 33% of people in Alaska and Delaware. By comparison, 15% of Colorado homeowners would use a credit card.

Overall, the most popular ways to pay for home renovations was savings or cash (62%). Loans, (26%), were the second most preferred way with 12% opting for credit cards.

One-third of those surveyed admitted they were worried they couldn't afford improvements or renovations and 25% said they probably don't have enough money to make necessary repairs.

The most popular areas of the home people want to upgrade are the kitchen, bathroom, living room, basement and bedroom.

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