Voting is underway right now in the Mesa County Beacon Best of 2020. Here's your chance to speak up and share your opinions with the world... or at least Mesa County.

Have you read "The Beacon"? This publication has been around Mesa County and Montrose County for as long as I can remember. It shares valuable information with the "senior" crowd in Western Colorado.

Right now, the Beacon is hosting its own survey for the region's best of the best. Categories are varied and considerable in number. Categories include:

  • Best Hair Salon
  • Best Real Estate Agent
  • Best Fruit Stand
  • Best Local Band/Musician
  • Best Optical Store
  • Best Pet Supply/Services
  • Best Restaurant for Lunch
  • Best Date Night Location, and more...

When it's all said and done, I count 33 different categories. This is important information for someone, so please share your thoughts. It's all done by write-in, so you can enter the name of any Western Colorado business you like.

What about those living in Montrose/Delta counties? Don't worry, you haven't been left out. You have a survey all your own.

There's no rush. You have until December 31, 2019, to turn in your ballot. That should plenty of time to make up your mind as to "Mesa County's Best Fruit Stand." These aren't life and death decisions, just a chance for you to share your opinions and support your favorite local businesses.

Trust me, businesses appreciate your input on these surveys. For many, it may be the only feedback they get. Please vote.

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