A woman who was cliff diving near Colorado Springs ended up in the hospital after doing a belly flop in the water. She's lucky. This type of diving, also popular in Western Colorado, could have killed her. Warning: Don't try this anywhere.Unofficial Networks says Rachel Dukich, the woman who took the video, told them,

I think she jumped out far to be sure to clear the rock face and found herself in Superman and instead of pulling her legs in to straighten out, she panicked, froze, and flailed."

The Potholes near Glade Park and Escalante Canyon are popular places near Grand Junction that cliff diving, although not as high, has claimed its share of lives and caused injuries to those who ignore the widely known danger.

The most recent death occurred on June 3 when Bryan Reims jumped off of a cliff in Escalante Canyon and drown in the Gunnison River.

In 2016, Colorado Mesa University student Austin Worthington drowned after jumping into the Potholes near Glade Park.

Do not do what the people are doing in this video. It's an experience that's not worth dying for.

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