The state of Colorado is home to more than 2000 lakes and reservoirs. Man-made lakes and reservoirs are usually larger than natural lakes and are usually found at higher elevations.

Colorado's largest man-made lake is found in the Gunnison National Forest at the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Colorado's largest natural lake is found West of Rocky Mountain National Park at Grand Lake.

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What is the Deepest Natural Lake in Colorado

Colorado's Grand Lake reaches a depth of 389 feet and has a surface area of over five hundred acres. This glacial lake sits at an elevation of 8,369 feet and is one of the best places in the state to fish for trout or salmon.

Grand Lake History

Carved out by glaciers ages ago, Grand Lake is an important part of the headwaters which give us the Colorado River. The town of Grand Lake sits along the shoreline and is home to 400 residents. People have been living in Grand Lake since it was established in 1881.

If you get a chance to visit Grand Lake keep an eye out for the Kauffman House. This rustic log cabin served as a hotel from 1892 until the 1940s. The site is part of the National Registry of Historic Places as the Kauffman House is the only remaining pre-twentieth century log cabin hotel in Grand Lake.

What Are Colorado's Deepest Natural Lakes

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