Did you ever ride the Royal Gorge Scenic Railway and think; " I would love to hike here"?

Well, that thought is becoming reality.

Ty Seufer, the businessman who purchased Buckskin Joe's last year is planning on reimaging the Royal Gorge Scenic Railway into a handicapped accessible hiking and biking trail, open to everyone. The 3-mile long loop affords some of the most amazing views anywhere in the state, from a completely different perspective.

As many recall, the Royal Gorge Scenic Railway made its last run in 2012 and since then nothing has been done with it. This is not to confuse you with the Royal Gorge Route Railroad as that continues to run a streamliner through the canyon, including the annual Santa Express train.

Some improvements have already been made by Seufer, but some are required of the trestles that are the property of the city. Decks have been placed on the trestles owned by Seufer, allowing users to access the path. With a cost to the city of $68,000 to improve the trestles they own approved, it is hoped the area will open starting July 4, 2019.

Freemont Adventure Recreation have been tasked with making the trails and according to Seufer, have done a wonderful job of creating trails and an environment that all users will enjoy.

Look at the video and imagine you and your friends and family walking or biking through an area like this. Add in the wheelchair accessibility and you have the makings of one world class area.

Independence Day road trip anyone?

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