If you're currently in the market for romance, you may be familiar with the lack in personal, meaningful connections that come with dating. There's a new dating app that promises to sift through those bad connections to find you love with someone with truly similar interests - based right here in Colorado.

Denver residents Katy Paulson and Amy Baglan are all-too-familiar with having to sift through the prospective dates they knew they really didn't want to talk to. So they created the dating app and website MeetMindful to help others (as well as themselves) find like-minded partners interested in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Just like other dating sites and apps like Tinder or Match.com, MeetMindful allows users to upload profile pictures and chat with other people. But unlike those sites and apps, MeetMindful is a community of health conscious yoga lovers and clean eaters.

"I wanted to find someone that had my similar interests, and who was spiritual, and maybe does yoga and is fit and cares about what they eat and put into their body," Paulson told Denver7.

MeetMindful.com CEO and co-founder Amy Baglan says she had the same problem in her own dating life - until the launch of the site, after which she met her current boyfriend.

"We've been dating for 7 months," she told Denver7. "Whether it be like a Tantra workshop or going to energy healing practitioners, one of the coolest things about meeting Joe is he's open to all that stuff."

Baglan says about 15-20% of MeetMindful users actively practice yoga, while a majority are interested in personal growth and development. MeetMindful is used across the country, but Denver and Boulder have the largest populations of users.


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