Colorado is leading the nation, and providing a model for states who want to get parents caught up on child support.

Called the Division of Child Support Enforcement, they are no longer trying to use an outdated model with threats and intimidation, but rather they are helping parents find jobs, fight drug and alcohol addiction and get back to connecting with their kids. Colorado was one of eight states to institute this model.

The program lasts five years and is geared towards those parents who want to pay child support but for one reason or another have been unable to.

Other states are now emulating the program and it is hoped the Federal government will follow suit.

So now, instead of facing jail time, and falling further behind support payments, parents who have had issues of one type or another are getting help from the state, which in turn is allowing child support payments to resume.

Colorado was one of eight states to receive grants to study the effects of this program. And while that money runs out in September, the program has been so positive, states will continue it.

It is hoped that, once parents see how the program works, that they will see Child Support Services as a place to find help, not run away from.

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