On average, people who live in Colorado are better at preparing for retirement than their counterparts in every other state in the U.S. More prepared, but not necessarily fully prepared for retirement.

A study conducted by Ubiquity Retirement + Savings found that just over 80% of Coloradans are saving for retirement. It's a good sign that residents in the state understand the need for retirement savings and the willingness to try and save money.

Even for those who are saving for retirement, there are still questions and concerns about how much to save and are those savings going to be enough.

Nationally, 80 percent of Americans say saving for retirement is extremely important but only 56 percent are actively saving. Of those who do save, 60 percent of them have a good working knowledge about how their retirement savings work.

A disturbing fact is 66 percent of people in America worry if their retirement savings will be enough. Another concern for some is their employer doesn't offer retirement savings options. Twenty percent of people said they would participate if their employer offered a retirement plan.

For those whose employers do offer retirement plans, 28 percent take full advantage of their employer's plan. Another 21 percent are taking advantage of an employer plan but know they should do more.

As for Coloradans, of the 80 percent who do save for retirement, only 25 percent invest at least 10 percent of their income in a retirement plan.

These are the top ten states with the highest percentage of residents saving for retirement:

  1. Colorado: 80.3%
  2. New Mexico: 79.2%
  3. New York: 79%
  4. Arizona: 78.7%
  5. Kentucky: 77.8%
  6. Iowa: 77%
  7. Nevada: 76.7%
  8. Georgia: 76%
  9. Delaware: 75%
  10. Mississippi: 74.9%

The states with the lowest percentage of residents who are saving for retirement include New Hampshire (55.4%), Wyoming (55.4%), Montana (55.1%), Alaska (54%), and Hawaii (53.8%).

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