Forget Florida, Colorado is now one of the most desirable states for people to live in after they retire.

According to a study done by and published in US News, Colorado comes in second only to Wyoming as one of the best states in the US for retirees. Of the top ten, most of the favorable states for retirees are in the Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions of the US.

The Bankrate study looked at various factors including cost of living, crime rate, quality of health care, weather and the general well-being of people already living there in determining the best places for people to retire.

The study found 40 percent of the those surveyed said access to mountains, rivers and outdoor recreation were the most important when deciding where to retire.

Oddly, only 20 percent of people at or near retirement age, that were not already planning to relocate, said they would move. This seems to suggest once people retire, then tend to stay where they are.

As for Florida - 28th on the list - the weather, namely humidity, is a factor particularly in the summer. Also, people are finding places that are great for vacations don't necessarily equate to an economical place to live.

Bankrate's Top 10 Places to Retire

  1. Wyoming
  2. Colorado
  3. Utah
  4. Idaho
  5. Virginia
  6. Iowa
  7. Montana
  8. South Dakota
  9. Arizona
  10. Nebraska

Only one of the top ten states, Virginia, bordered an ocean. The least desirable place to retire is Arkansas followed by New York and Alaska.


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