You know you live in Colorado just from the things your friends share on their Facebook pages. Let's take a journey through the typical Colorado Facebook user's feed.


Tim Gray

They're everywhere you look in the state, and we love spending as much time in the thin air as we can.

Top of a 14er

You've conquered the impossible -- at least for some of us -- and scaled your way to 14,000 feet. You just have to share this huge accomplishment with all your friends and family.

Ski + Snowboarding Videos or Photos


It's a pow day at your favorite Colorado resort. You just have to share that last run you caught on your GoPro with your friends stuck in the office on such a gnarly day.

Ginormous Trucks + Jeeps

Getty Images

Colorado offers some of the best off-road trails around, that's a fact. But the average person sees your truck jacked up three feet off the ground and all they can think of is you running over tiny little cars.

Dogs (especially hiking)

Tim Gray

Because Colorado is for the dogs and dogs are our best friends.

Yoga Poses in Nature


If you're a yogi, why wouldn't you practice outside among Colorado's gorgeous scenery.

Trailhead Signs

Zane Mathews

What better way to show you're in shape and enjoy nature than snapping a quick photo of the trailhead sign. Your lazy friends appreciate the fact they can enjoy your hike while chilling on the couch.