Mesa County officials have implemented a Level Two response to the West Salt Landslide due to a "slag pond" forming at the top of the slide.

The Level Two designation is a measure to keep residents alert should an event occur.

“We’ve been in a heightened state of awareness, but what this does is puts residents in low-lying areas on alert that something is likely to happen. The magnitude of this event is unknown, but residents should be prepared to move to higher ground.”

Last year's landslide left an expanse of wreckage three miles long and three-quarter of a mile wide. Snowmelt, rainwater and other runoff near the top of the landslide have created what officials are calling a "sag pond" formed by a "slump block" from the debris.

Conditions are indicating that the pond could likely spill of the "slump block" between now (Friday, June ) and Sunday (June 9). This could lead to a large volume of water being released from the pond that could impact the residents of Collbran.

An emergency plan has been put in place that calls for immediate notification of the public if conditions become hazardous.

Mesa County is providing sandbags for people in low-lying areas. To get those, call Mesa County Road and Bridge at (970) 244-1807.

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