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Colorado Winter Memories
Western Colorado winters offer fun, beauty, and the magic of the holidays. Enjoy memories from the 40s through the 70s from Grand Junction and surrounding areas, in alphabetical order no less, with the "ABC's of Western Colorado Winters" via the lens of photographer Robert Gra…
We Aren't What Some Think
Do you race down I-70 at 100 miles per hour (that's an exaggeration) in your Subaru on your way to a pot shop with a pair of skis or snowboard strapped to your car? If these 10 stereotypes about Coloradans is true, you sure do.
Not in Western Colorado
Matador Network recently posted a list of "30 Things You Will Never Hear Someone From Colorado Say," so we decided to make our own fun list of things you'll never hear someone from Western Colorado say.
Things You’ve Grown to Hate About Grand Junction
We definitely love Grand Junction. There isn't a more awesome place to live. BUT! There are a few things we've grown to hate about our lovely town. Albeit, petty, we need to get these off our chest.
Cost of Living
Maybe it's the price we must pay to live in a beautiful landscape, b…
UFOs Are Being Reported Near Denver
November normally brings a lot of things to Colorado including colder temperatures and snow. For some reason, this new month has also brought us something hard to explain. Numerous people in Colorado and especially near Denver are reporting - and filming - UFO's.

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