Watch this video of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo introducing the newest member of their pack -- an adorable mountain lion kitten who's only five weeks old.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo family has grown by one tiny little addition, a mountain lion kitten. The mountain lion cub came from Washington state and is so teeny tiny that he can barely make out a meow.

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo just welcomed the five-week-old mountain lion cub on June 14. They know very little about his backstory and will share more once they found out exactly why this adorable mountain lion baby needed a home

Once he's big enough, the mountain lion kitten will eventually be introduced to the other mountain lions at the zoo, who are only a year old. Watch as the mountain lion tries to figure out what a camera is and their blue eyes look curiously around the room. You can hear Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's new mountain lion cub purr while playing with the grass and when he manages to get a 'meow' out, it sounds more like a squeak.

The mountain lion cub follows the camera and gets closer and closer while licking his adorable lips and slightly hissing. We are in love with this baby mountain lion, from its extremely fuzzy spotted coat to its blue eyes and tiny little tail. This mountain lion is so young, it's smaller than my cats.

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