A new video share shows a mountain lion protecting his elk kill, but there's more than one cat visible. Can you spot the other predators lurking?

I saw this begin as a conversation on Wyoming Reddit. It shows a mountain lion who has taken down an elk. Initially, only one mountain lion is visible, but as the video scans back you can see at least one more big cat lurking if you look close enough.

The channel that shared the video a few days ago asked:

A mountain lion eats and protects his bull elk kill, at the same time he is alert of his surroundings, since he is being watched! How many mountain lions do you see? What can be stalking this mountain lion?

I was able to fairly quickly spot another entering the tree line above the mountain lion that made the kill.

Adventures in Nature via YouTube
Adventures in Nature via YouTube

According to other comments, there is allegedly a third mountain lion lying in wait. I can't find it for the life of me. Can you?

According to the Reddit thread, this mountain lion was spotted near Grand Teton National Park. You might remember that nearly a year ago a mountain lion became a celebrity while protecting a kill just above Jackson.

We do not lack for exciting wildlife moments here in Wyoming and this new mountain lion video share is more proof of that. The only question now is how many mountain lions does it show. Comment and share if you know.

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