Celebrating No Rhyme Or Reason Day In Colorado (HUMOR)

Now just what the heck is no rhyme or reason day? It's a day when we celebrate those words that don't rhyme with any other words.

So I thought, on this day of days, that I would have a little fun with some of these words.

Granted, there are no single words that rhyme with orange. Or silver, or spirit, chimney or woman. And for centuries poets and songwriters alike have been confounded on how to use the word purple. Roger Miller gave it a shot, but "maple surple", while funny, doesn't count because surple isn't a word.

So what do you do with them? You get creative. Why use one word, when two or three, put craftily together, can come up with a good rhyme?

Here then is my ode to the unrhymeable.

I had to try to get into the spirit of the day, but I couldn't seem to hear it anyway.

So I asked my woman, who from her features, you could've sworn she was a Roman, and a teacher.

We fell in love and my heart the girl did pilfer, so I went and  gave her a wedding band made of pure silver.

But as we sat there looking at our smoking chimney, she started singing that old song from the cricket, Jim'ney.

We laughed and laughed as the rain began a pourin just as I stood and threw away the yummy orange.

Those were my choices for rhyming the words they said couldn't be rhymed and while, yes, the words don't rhyme exactly, who cares? It was fun proving them wrong.

Your turn. See what kind of poetry you can come up with using those words that have no rhyme.

Or reason. And no, I didn't even TRY to rhyme purple. Have a nice National No Rhyme or Reason Day.

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