A cat owner decided to pull a prank on his feline friends to see which one would take the bait and a wild ride down the stairs in a box.

Cats love to chase laser light so it seemed liked the perfect way to get a cat in a box balances so that when the animal got in the box it would slide down the stairs.

One of the cats, who surveyed the situation and decided to study it further, was the smart one. Another cat found the light flashing around in the box too tempting to resist.

The second cat never got the chance because as soon as the third cat saw the light, it jumped into the box and immediately took off on a wild ride to the bottom of the stairs.

It's amazing the cat didn't try to jump out on the way down. Even more amazing is the cat started walking back up the stairs as if may be thinking " that was fun, let's do it again, or maybe not."