The driver of a car that flipped over on I-70 east of Palisade likely lost control because the vehicle was hydroplaning on the wet pavement.

The accident happened on Sunday morning around 11 a.m. at exit 49 on I-70. The driver and two passengers in the car were uninjured in the crash.

After investigating the accident, the Colorado State Patrol reported the car's tires did not have enough tread on them to prevent or reduce the risk of hydroplaning (aquaplaning).

The driver of the vehicle, a 22-year-old man from Illinois, was cited for careless driving.

This accident is a good reminder to make sure your tires have at least the minimum tread depth and the proper amount of air in them.

Also, slow down when driving on wet roads which, according to the weather forecast, are possible for the next several days.

These two things will greatly reduce the risk of losing control of your vehicle due to hydroplaning.


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