Britney Spears admitted that she doesn't know if she will perform in concert ever again.

On Thursday (June 17), the 39-year-old pop star shared a video on Instagram of her answering fan questions. When asked if she is "ready to take the stage again," Spears wondered aloud, "Am I going to take the stage? Will I ever take the stage again?"

Spears finally admitted, "I have no idea."

"I'm having fun right now," she continued, adding that she's currently "in a transition in my life and I'm enjoying myself, so that's it."

Answering another fan question, the "Gimme More" singer also revealed that she wears a size 7 in clothes, and when another fan asked what her favorite business trip ever was, Spears recalled a trip to Italy in which she visited Donatella Versace and stayed in a "beautiful villa."

Spears is predicted to address the court at her conservatorship hearing on June 23.

Recently, a mysterious petition was filed in an attempt to terminate the conservatorship surrounding Spears as a person. (There is also a conservatorship for Spears' business estate.) According to Yahoo!, the petition was filed by Stan Wantuch.

It is unclear who Wantuch is, although he reportedly listed himself in the document as an "interested party," as well as "friend," "debtor" and "heir" of Spears. In the paperwork, he apparently claims that Spears "may have been suffering from severe depression" when the conservatorship began back in 2008.

It is unclear if he is a fan or an actual person associated with Spears. Spears' actual attorney previously had no knowledge of said petition.

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