The Breckenridge Troll is no longer welcome in Breckenridge. Isak the troll is getting the boot and here's why.

When you're a 15-foot tall wooden troll in Breckenridge, people start to notice. And being this famous just isn't easy. The Breckenridge Troll has drawn so many people since it's been installed, it's caused some problems.

Homeowners nearby complain that the troll attracts so many people and those people are getting lost in their neighborhoods, driving around, parking illegally and preventing homeowners from being able to get out of their driveways.

The original plan was to wait until spring to move the Breckenridge Troll. After taking into account things like public safety and the winter weather, the Town Council of Breckenridge has decided to kick the troll to the curb as soon as possible.

The Breckenridge Troll will be moved 'as soon as the weather allows, according to 9 News. I'm sure there are lots of mixed feelings about the troll being moved. I know I'm sad to see the Breckenridge Troll go before I could see it in person.

The artist, Thomas Dambo, has a great attitude about it the eviction of his troll. He said that he 'feels the work has already accomplished great success in its current lifespan.'

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