A Boulder man moved to China to be an English teacher a year ago. He's been living under quarantine in China for the past 56 days and this is what it's like.

Alex Grojean moved to China over a year ago to become an English teacher. The coronavirus has caused his city to be quarantined and Alex tells us what it's like to live under quarantine for almost two months.

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Alex says that everyone in Wuhan was quarantined - not just those who are sick, everyone. He says everyone had a punch card which allowed them to leave. The punch card has 31 days on it, so if you left on March 2, they would punch number two. You could only leave to go to the drug or grocery store, which were the only two things open according to Alex.

If you left your home on March 2 that meant that you couldn't go anywhere until March 5. Alex has been living under quarantine for almost 60 days now and is starting to see parts of Wuhan come back to life, according to the Denver Channel.

He wants people back home in Colorado to the coronavirus seriously so that he can come home. According to the Denver Channel, Alex said:

I want to come back in August to a normal state. I want to come back to a Colorado that I know. And if you guys keep going crazy and don't do this, it's not going to happen.

We hope that Alex's city's quarantine is lifted soon and that the entire world will take this coronavirus pandemic seriously. We hope that Alex will be able to come home to Colorado to a non-quarantined life.

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