Today is the day that sandwiches are to be celebrated. Whoever decided to put meat and cheese between bread is a genius! (Also thank you from all of us.)

There's controversy how who is the actual inventor of the sandwich but let's focus on the celebrating instead. These are the best sandwich spots in Grand Junction according to Yelp.

  • Bin 707 Foodbar

    225 N 5th Street

    Bin 707 Foodbar has some delicious not-your-typical-sandwich, sandwiches. The grilled cheese with a fried egg and the blue crab melt sound pretty good right about now.

  • Octopus Coffee

    759 Horizon Drive

    For some reason, coffee and sandwiches go hand in hand. (But coffee goes well with everything in my book.) I'll take a breakfast sandwich with a coffee,

  • 626 on Rood

    626 Rood Avenue

    I bet you've never had a meatball sandwich like one from 626 on Rood before. It's served with green tomatillo sauce and goat cheese - yum!

  • Cafe Sol

    420 Main Street

    I love the decor of this place. And a nice warm turkey panini with extra avocado with some soup sounds perfect right now.

  • Rib City

    2830 North Ave

    One thing I miss from back home is that barbeque. I can't remember the last time I had some brisket or a nice barbeque sandwich. I think that might change after today.

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