Last year, new research ranked Denver as one of the best sports cities in the U.S. Considering this — and the fact that Colorado's mountains give residents unparalleled access to outdoor recreation — it's no surprise that the Centennial State also loves extreme sports.

You'll frequently see locals hiking dangerous 14ers or skiing down treacherous slopes. But which extreme sport is Colorado's favorite?

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Thankfully, StorageCafe has the answer. The company analyzed data from Google's Keyword Planner to find out the extreme sports residents in each state were searching for the most.

Here's what they learned about the Centennial State.

Colorado's favorite extreme sports

StorageCafe discovered that Colorado's third-favorite extreme sport is rock climbing. When looking at the abundant climbing opportunities here — just think about Horsetooth Reservoir — this checks out.

Cullen Carter // Unsplash
Cullen Carter // Unsplash

Colorado's second-favorite extreme sport is something you probably thought would be its No. 1: snowboarding — and nope, the top spot doesn't belong to skiing either.

The most popular extreme sport in Colorado

According to StorageCafe, the Centennial State's preferred extreme sport is mountain biking.

Kody Goodson // Unsplash
Kody Goodson // Unsplash

We aren't alone in our choice — mountain biking is the second-most popular extreme sport in the country and a favorite of states like Delaware, Maryland, Utah, and Wyoming.

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Colorado residents also enjoy dabbling in skateboarding and snowmobiling.

It may not be on the list, but Coloradans still get an adrenaline rush from skiing. See the steepest slopes in the Centennial State in the gallery below.

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