Bears in Colorado are a lot like humans and currently, they're on the prowl to find their next mate.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently shared a video of a bear scent-marking on a small sapling. If you're new to the area and don't understand wildlife habits, keep reading to find out why bears partake in this strange act.

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Why Do Bears Mark the Trees in Colorado?

Bears claw, bite and scratch their back against trees and electric poles for the purpose of scent-marking.

Some might assume that only males mark their scent, but that isn't true, female bears also mark their scent as well.

Scent-marking is a very deliberate and planned act that allows bears to find a potential mate. The oils, dirt, and even pieces of hair from a bear are collected on the wood and signals that a bear is single and ready to mingle.

More Smell Means More Mates

A study from PLOS ONE explains that researchers have found that bears who rub more trees often have more reproductive success.

The report states:

We found a positive relationship between bear rubbing behavior and reproductive success; both male and female bears with a greater number of mates and a greater number of offspring were detected at more rub objects and during more occasions.

It seems like bears are just like humans when it comes to finding a mate. They want to look and smell their best and in order to grab the attention of the opposite sex, they leave their distinct smell on different objects.

When Is Bear Mating Season in Colorado?

Bear mating season begins in late May and lasts through June. However, according to the National Park Service, "egg implantation is delayed until the fall when the sow (female) is ready to den up for the winter."

Females can begin to deliver cubs at around 5 years of age, while males can reproduce starting at 3 years.

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