A bear, smelling food, broke into an Estes Park home on Friday, but the bigger news was how he got out.

The Estes Park Police department posted on their Facebook page the pic of the escape hatch the bear provided for himself once the police arrived.

The hole the bear made to escape made the Estes Park Police think the Kool-Aid man had escaped, but all kidding aside, you are going to want to take a few precautions yourself, so no bears break into your home.

The bear was attracted, most likely, by the smell of garbage and broke in to help himself. Officials remind you to take a few minutes and make sure there is no trash lying around or any food items lying around that would attract a wild animal to your home.

Also, remember to lock your doors and windows before you leave as well.

Unless you don't mind unexpected visitors like the kool-aid bear.

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