We had to talk to Bailey when we saw this and hear about how his Monday started with saving a llama. At about 7:30 a.m. this morning on the way to physical therapy Bailey Carlson saw a llama head pop out from a ditch and he knew he had to stop. He had worked with llamas and alpacas before so he immediately knew that it was a llama.

He pulled over and walked across the road to check on the llama. He was surprised that the llama wasn't scared and let Bailey pet him right away. The ditch the llama was stuck in wasn't that deep, but with all of the rocks the poor llama just couldn't get out.

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He called to cancel his physical therapy appointment and they said it was the best excuse they'd ever head. Bailey also called dispatch to help the llama and thankfully he had some rope in his car. He put the rope around the llama's neck to make sure that it didn't run away.

Some deputies and an officer from Fort Lewis showed up and together they coaxed the llama out of the ditch, who then decided to lay down on the sidewalk because that's just how chill he is.

The deputies went around to nearby houses to see if anyone lost their llama but no one claimed him. They hung out with the llama until animal control came by with a trailer. Bailey says usually getting a llama or alpaca into a trailer can be really hard with a lot of kicking and spitting involved -- but there no kicking or spitting from this llama, because he's too chill for that.

Bailey has decided to name him Dougie the Ditch Llama, who Bailey will remember forever. He says with the coronavirus pandemic going on and the state of everything, it was fun to be able to hang out with a llama and laugh and have a fun story to tell and it made Bailey's Monday.

No one has claimed the llama yet - so if you're missing a black and white llama this might be yours.

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