There are all kinds of things besides criminals that end up in the custody of the Grand Junction Police Department. This one, a baby stroller-car seat, is one of the most unusual. Even stranger is that the owner hasn't claimed it.

Grand Junction Police Officers took custody of the abandoned stroller after it was left at a local store last week and no one came back to claim it. If you are or know the owner of the stroller-car seat call the Grand Junction Police Department at (970) 549-5150.

I don't know about you, but for me, it would be very obvious if I left this behind. Of course, I only have two children. My wife and I have friends who have four children, ages two to eight, we enjoy spending time with. So, I'm quite aware how this really could happen with a family larger than mine.

Baby Stroller - GJPD
Courtesy Grand Junction Police Department

This is a nice rig, and once the owners discover it missing, the next step is to remember where they left it. I know where it is and want to tell the owner, 'I understand how it could happen. Oh, and thanks for making sure the kids are all accounted for. That's the most important thing.'

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