Ashley Brown and Ronnie Bennet are a couple in Grand Junction that fell in love thanks to dirt biking. They've been together for three years and are now engaged and own a business together.

Ronnie Bennett was born and raised in Grand Junction started dirt biking when he was six years old. Both Ronnie's dad and brother had a bike, so Ronnie immediately had to get one. Ronnie started on a Honda Z50 (which is a 50 CC bike.)

Ashley moved to Grand Junction from Denver and start dirt biking when she was 27. She decided that she wanted to learn how to dirt bike so she bought a bike, a truck and her and her girlfriend learned how to dirt bike together.

Ronie and Ashley met about three years ago thanks to Tinder. They swiped right on love (and dirt biking), according to Ashley. Ronnie spent plenty of weekends driving and back and forth to Denver before Ashley moved to Grand Junction. Bad weather and the distance couldn't keep him away. They both saw each other's Tinder pictures were on dirt bikes and were immediately drawn in.

Both Ashley and Ronnie say that riding gives them a feeling of freedom, it's their stress release. Ashely says you have no choice but to forget about everything because you have to focus on riding and everything else goes away. It's almost like meditation. Ronnie has broken over 30 bones dirt biking and has no plans of stopping. The love of the sport keeps him going.

This Grand Junction couple got engaged on a dirtbike tour in Thailand and Ashley had a feeling that it was coming. She had a small fall off of her dirtbike during their tour(she didn't get hurt) Ronnie took this time to cheer Ashley up with one of the best questions ever.

He pulled the ring out of the backpack, which first fell into some leaves. Ronnie dug around and found it, and once he did the ring fell into the leaves again. When he finally asks. 'Will you marry me?' and Ashely immediately said yes.

Ashley and Ronnie have been together for about three years now and started their business, Grand Valley Adventure, together 18 months ago. They saw no one else in Grand Junction was renting out dirt bikes or snow bikes, so they decided to.

This dirt biking couple will definitely have something dirt bike related at their wedding. Possibly chugging beers out of two stroke exhaust pipes, or maybe riding in on dirtbikes.

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