If you are an animal lover, the chances are you should be celebrating Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is observed on August 28, a day set aside to remember pets we have had to say goodbye to.

Most of us in our lifetime have lost pet companions, and for some, that loss may be recent. Pets are part of the family. Losing them is like losing a family member, even though we are well aware when we get them that it will be for a relatively short time.

Whether it's a dog or a cat, our pets bring us great joy on a daily basis. It may be the excited greeting at the door when you get home from work, or a pet sitting on your lap while you relax in your recliner and watch television.

We take great satisfaction in the fact that our pets need us and are dependent on us. We like to feel needed, and we like the feeling we get from providing care to our pet companions. Whether it's providing daily food and water, special treats, a romp at the park, or comforting them during a storm, the bond we have with a pet is very special, which makes losing them extremely difficult.

But, time heals the wounds of a broken heart and the sadness of a lost companion.I still have wonderful memories of my border collie, Biff, who has been gone now for 15 years. It was just over a year ago we lost our precious Shelby (pictured) at the age of 9. We mourned the loss and felt extreme sadness, and miss her terribly. But, as time wanes on, the hurt subsides, and while we still miss her, we reflect on the good times we had with her and how much joy she brought us.

Losing her has made me appreciate her older sibling more than ever before. Frisco just turned 11, and every day I find myself loving on her, cherishing her, and relishing every minute with her.

Today is a day for everyone to reflect on those dear animal companions that have meant so much to us over the years. Sometimes remembering them can bring back some of the pain, but it's the kind of pain that hurts so good because we care so much.

In observance of Rainbow Bridge Observance Day, I wanted to re-share my video tribute to our Golden Retriever, Shelby. And, I hope that it will cause you to have some warm memories of a pet you have lost whether it has been within the past year or years ago.

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