We asked and you responded. We wanted to know how you really feel about these roundabouts, as well as the new roundabout getting ready to be built in the Redlands.

8% of you felt the roundabouts were important in order to annoy other drivers,13% thought it better to not have them and allow natural selection to take its course,16% had other thoughts, such as;

  • Not sure if more, but I definitely consider them extremely useful at a busy corner.
  • I don't care. First world problems. Get over yourself.
  • Safety is more important. FHWA says they reduce fatalities by 90%
  • They are too small for idiots
  •  Because people don't know how to use them, no.
  • Get rid of them and go back to stop lights and signs.

22% felt that Yes, keeping traffic moving is important was the correct response.

But with 40% of you choosing No. Enough already, you let us know that you really aren't interested in more roundabouts.

So there you have it. You, the people have spoken. Let your representatives know you have had quite enough of these roundabouts and want them to come up with something else to fix the problem.

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