The one thing you can guarantee in Colorado is that things are ever-evolving and changing daily. That's the case again with yet another popular restaurant closing its doors for good.

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Popular Colorado Restaurant Closes After Over 20 Years

I was grabbing dinner in Thornton the other night and noticed one of my long-time go-tos was completely dark. They used to have the best happy hour specials and the absolute coldest draft beer, so after I'd get off the air on Friday nights, I'd pop by and get some wings and drinks. Did I mention they had $3 long islands? I lived right next door so I'd enjoy some beverages and walk home, it was perfect. Sometimes I'd have too many long islands and I'd forget my credit card so I'd have to go back the next day and get my card, and another drink, of course. Hair of the dog, right? We even celebrated my younger brother's 21st birthday there, but we only "had a couple." Clearly, with all of those memories, I was surprised and sad to see this place completely dark.

TGI Fridays In Thornton, Colorado Closed Permanently

After seeing the completely dark building, I was able to confirm that the TGI Fridays location in Thornton, Colorado, has closed down for good. I can't find the exact closure date, but it's recent as we just saw it jumping in December as we got some ice cream right next door. Apparently, it was declining service-wise based on some of the online reviews. Funny enough as I was looking, I noticed this review was from an old friend of mine from just 4 months ago.

The TGI Fridays on 120th in Thornton, is horrible. I waited over 10 mins for wait staff and never saw anyone once seated by the host. I ended up walking out. No wonder they aren’t busy for a Friday night.

He used to run a restaurant so he knows good from bad, and he apparently wasn't thrilled with his experience that night. To be fair, I've also left restaurants where I sit and nobody greets or talks to me. Maybe it was bad service, maybe it was a lack of finding good help, maybe the once great location on 120th and Washington had gone downhill, or maybe it was just part of TGI Friday's continuing closures across the country. Whatever the reason I'm sad, as I made a lot of great memories in that place. There is still a location in Longmont as well as one in Denver, but those are the final two Colorado options.

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